Man who poses with "plastic" crocodile learns the hard way that it's alive

A man celebrating his 68th birthday at an amusement park in the Philippines decided to take a selfie with what he thought was plastic crocodile prop. But as he posed with the "statue," it suddenly attacked him, clamping down on his arm.

From Oddity Central:

The thought that the 12-meter "model" could actually be a real crocodile never crossed his mind, at least until he got dangerously close to it and the reptile sank its teeth into his left arm. …

He was eventually able to break free from the crocodile's vice-like jaws before it could rip his arm off, but he did sustain terrible injuries that required medical attention.

"There were no advisories warning us not to enter the enclosure," Nehemias' daughter, Mercy Joy Chipada, said. "Because if there were, we would never have gone there."

The amusement park agreed to cover the costs of Nehemias' treatment, but a spokesperson denied that they had been negligent in preventing the terrible accident, claiming that the area where the crocodile attack occurred was actually off-limits.

The man, who still had a crocodile fang piercing into his flesh when he arrived at the hospital, suffered "fractured bones and eight wounds on his arm and thigh that required stitching," according Oddity Central.

This video shows the man pulling himself from the crocodile grip, and although not too gruesome, might not be appropriate for sensitive viewers.