This TruGolf Mini Golf Simulator will help the whole family learn the game of golf

Run out of things to do with the family? Because you all went through your activity book during quarantine, you're probably doing literally anything to kill time these days (especially since COVID restrictions are still being upheld by the world's finest and brightest). No sweat, we've got a new hobby for you and the whole family to enjoy. This TruGolf Mini Golf Simulator is here on sale for Black Friday.

So, how can the TruGolf Mini help the newbies tackle the links? Not just a fun way to learn the ropes, this is a new approach to learning the game of golf for those of us who can't hit the back nine ASAP. Paired with E6 CONNECT software, the simulator analyzes and displays swing data after every shot, so your new little Tiger can get a feel for the game of golf. And, with a sensor that gathers the data in real time, you'll never have to guess what was behind that full swing.

No need to use your own clubs for this simulator (they're probably too big for your little learner anyhow), this set comes with an impact trainer, which is a weighted trainer for batter assistance. The click function on the trainer allows for an authentic impact sensation, so your little guy or gal can get a real feel for what it's like to pick up a putter in the winter months when it's too cold to get out there for real. 

If the golfer-to-be needs a little more of a challenge, there are plenty of skill-building exercises to take advantage of in the software, so no one is learning stale lessons and everyone stays fresh and on their game. It prepares the user to take on the harder courses and prepare them for their eventual run in The Masters (okay, maybe we're aiming a bit high, but it's your kid, you want the best). Speaking of the hardest courses, this software and mat combo has 97 of them programmed in 3D, so you always know the course beforehand.

Get the TruGolf Mini Golf Simulator, which includes the E6 Connect software, TruGolf mini sensor, impact trainer, and swing path mat, for $239.20 (Reg. $399) with code BFSAVE20.

Prices subject to change.