A grab-and-go modern survival kit with a Cyber Monday special price

With the increase in wildfires, hurricanes, and a world-wide pandemic hitting us this past year, it's safe to say that having an accessible and smart survival kit has become necessary. The GetxGo® emergency kit is packed with over 40 smartly organized and modernized essentials. The GO kit has everything you need to support your on-the-go city or outdoor lifestyle, from solar-powered phone chargers, sanitary items, survival tools, first aid supplies, and more that are neatly sorted into 6 categories, making it easy to access things whenever you need them. 

Not only is the GO kit smartly packed on the inside, the outside is designed to weather any storm and has a convenient add-on strap. Made of high-quality silicone coated fiberglass that's waterproof and fire-resistant, withstanding up to 1,832°F, you can respond quickly and efficiently during a dangerous situation. Even the muted color scheme and reflective logo were done intentionally to avoid unwanted attention and keep you safe at night, while also making it easy to coordinate with your everyday wardrobe — because who said safety can't be fashionable? 

Additionally, not only can you get the GO kit, but the GetxGo® ready pack combo as well, which includes a backpack that can store your GO kit, plus a water- and fire-resistant document pouch to keep your important documents safe. GetxGo® also has an app where you can customize and adjust supplies accordingly whether you're traveling alone, with a partner or family.

GetxGo® has thought of everything so you don't have to. Stay safe and be prepared with the GetxGo® pre-filled prep kit, now just $143.20 with Cyber Monday code CMSAVE20.

Prices subject to change.