"It's a Fine Day" is a cursed Japanese Kleenex commercial

In 1986, this Japanese Kleenex commercial appeared on television screens across the country. The commercial itself is pretty simple. An eerie song, "It's a Fine Day" plays as a woman in a white dress sits beside an ogre child, and a Kleenex blows around mysteriously in the breeze.  Many people were displeased with the eeriness of this commercial, and claimed it was cursed. 

As people requested for the commercial to be taken off air, rumors began to circulate: "One claimed the entire film crew met untimely deaths in freak accidents. Another reported that the ogre child had died immediately after filming. Still others circulated that the actress, Keiko Matsuzaka, died, was committed to a psychiatric hospital following a mental breakdown, or became pregnant with a demon baby." All of these rumors undoubtedly were proven true.