Man thought 12-foot crocodile was a plastic model, until it attacked him

Nehemias Chipada, 68, reportedly climbed into a pool at a Philippines amusement park to snap photos with a 12-foot plastic crocodile. Unfortunately, the reptile wasn't plastic. Chipada was lucky in that he escaped with just wounds to his arm and is now recovering. The crocodile is part of the Amaya View amusement park's Noah's Ark exhibition. From NDTV:

The Chipada family has blamed lack of warning signs around the amusement park for the incident. Mr Chipada's daughter, Mercy Joy Chipada, said: "There were no advisories warning us not to enter the enclosure. Because if there were, we would never have gone there."

The amusement park, however, has denied these allegations. Amaya View said it would extend financial assistance to Mr Chipada to help with his medical bills while denying any wrongdoing.