PETA launches "human" leather goods store that seems right out of a horror movie

PETA's not new to outlandish and sometimes-offensive publicity stunts (remember when they claimed milk caused autism?). The group's latest is a satirical online store selling goods made of "human" leather. Called "Urban Outrage," it features belts, skirts, and other "The Silence of the Lambs"-type products.

The details are impressive— the sole of the Meg boot is made of teeth. Each product comes with a carefully crafted description, too. Here's the one for the jacket:

The Avery was crafted from the most luxurious skin, making this jacket natural and unique. As Avery was only 22 when she was taken away from her friends and family, the jacket should age beautifully. She came pre-tanned and was then flayed while still alive, so any signs of stress on the skin are incidental and should be taken as signs of individuality.


Critics of the website have pointed out a few enduring stories of American slaves' skin being used as clothing. Additionally, like many PETA stunts, it fuels a notion that all vegans are militant and aggressive.