Person lost in Ikea for three hours after getting bonked on the head by a flat-packed dresser

Hanan Tababi, 40, was shopping at Ikea in Ballymun, Dublin when a flat-packed chest of drawers reportedly tipped over and hit her in the head. After the accident, she attempted to exit the store but got lost inside for three hours. Now, she's suing the company for ongoing pain and financial suffering because she claims she lost her Apple technical support job due to the injuries. From the Irish Times:

She had also suffered mentally as a result of the accident, having been diagnosed with Adjustment Disorder after experiencing intense anxiety and low mood in the months that followed. Ms Tababi stated that she had been having nightmares about things falling on her or her children. She had also experienced financial hardship due to her inability to work and had considered cancelling her wedding as she felt she could not afford it[…]

The defendant told the court it was unlikely Ms Tabibi's accident had occurred in the way she described based on Ikea policies and the way in which she had said the box had struck her[…]

Judge Quinn had said that whilst there had been systems in place to prevent accidents such as this one from happening, they clearly had not been in effect at the time. The case will return in two weeks time for an assessment of damages.

image: Prachana Thong-on/