Reddit user wants to know what X-Men comics to read to "avoid the woke stuff"

SomeRandomerGuy on Reddit would like to read more comic books about a group of superheroes who protect a world that hates and fears them because of the way they were born, but he doesn't want to read any of that "woke" shit.

Several commenters recommend the classic Chris Claremont X-Men stories — you know, where the previously all-white X-Men get replaced by a bunch of multiracial and international superheroes, including a Black woman as the leader, and where Magneto's Holocaust ties are made explicit. There's certainly nothin' woke about God Loves, Man Kills, where Kitty Pryde compares mutant persecution to the n-word, and the team faces down a bunch of religious bigots! Come to think of it, there's a lot of Kitty Pryde discussing her Jewishness…and several Native American characters, whose stories revolve heavily around the persecution of their peoples…but that's not woke, right?

Did I mention that Professor X's son is an Israeli with a mental disorder, whose powers are awakened after he's attacked by a Palestinian suicide bomber, whose psyche he absorbs, and the two of them eventually find a sort-of psychic peace together? Or how the US government puts together their own mutant superhero team led by a lesbian couple?

Other users recommend the 90s X-Men run, despite the constant presence of the Legacy Virus as a very-thinly-veiled AIDS allegory.

Granted, the X-Men currently live on their own communistic island nation built on prison abolition and polyamory. But still. Maybe start, and end, with the very first issue of X-Men and call it a day?

What era of X-Men should I avoid if I want to avoid the woke stuff? [Reddit]

Image: Pat Loika / Flickr (CC-BY-SA 2.0)