This Fisher-Price toy phone has bluetooth so you can use it to make real calls

If I didn't hate talking to people on the phone I would certainly buy this Fisher Price Chatter Bluetooth Telephone for my desk. It's $60 and seemingly sold out.

Introducing the special edition Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone — a phone smart enough not to come with any apps. Its intuitive bulky face design comes with a 'super-advanced' rotary dial and connects to your mobile device via Bluetooth wireless technology, so you can make and receive real calls through your existing phone plan. This working Chatter Telephone is so mobile, it even comes with wheels. Plus, it has grownup functionality like speakerphone and the ability to dial out. Your childhood is calling, now you can actually answer. Available exclusively at Best Buy while supplies last.

  • Inspired by the original toy, it makes both imaginary and real phone calls
  • Connects to your mobile device with Bluetooth wireless technology to make and receive calls through your existing phone plan—no additional line required (Compatible with IOS and Android™ devices)
  • Call your mom for real this time with a real working rotary dial, handset, and speakerphone
  • Sort of sleek mobile design experience with colors, numbers, and wobbly eyes that will turn heads
  • Includes USB charging cord; Charge time: 4 hours (500 mA); Talk time: 9 hours (150 mA); Bluetooth range: 15 feet; Fun: unlimited