Rittenhouse Rye would like you to please stop associating it with Kyle Rittenhouse

In the aftermath of the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict, fans of the young gun-toter have reportedly been celebrating his freedom with shots of Rittenhouse Rye — one of my personal go-to whiskeys!

This practice has already reached a point where it's become a bit of a PR crisis for Heaven Hill Brands, which owns Rittenhouse Rye. The company took to Twitter to address the associations between their delicious rye and that other guy, saying:

We have been disheartened to learn that some individuals and businesses have been using our Rittenhouse Straight Rye Whiskey brand to celebrate the Kyle Rittenhouse case verdict, despite the profound loss of life from those events.

There is no link between our Rittenhouse Rye brand, which was started post-prohibition to commemorate Rittenhouse Square, and this case. It is our strongly held belief that in serious matters such as this, where lives were lost and people deeply affected, there is no cause for celebration, but instead deep reflection on how we can make the world a more peaceful and respectful place for all.

All things considered, I think it's a pretty tasteful and non-partisan comment — though I'm sure that some pundit or Congressperson will soon be calling for the brand to be censored and destroyed for insulting America or something.

Heaven Hill Condemns Use of its Rittenhouse Rye to Celebrate Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict [David Morrow / Whiskey Raiders]

Image: Public Domain via Pixabay