Save over $300 on this self-cleaning towel set, all part of this Cyber Week Sale

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In a day and age where we always have hand sanitizer on standby and have normalized the use of no-touch door openers, the same standard of cleanliness should follow you home, too β€” especially into the bathroom.

While you envelope yourself in a towel after a warm shower, you're not thinking about the bacteria and microorganisms that exist in the fibers. One study showed that nearly 90 percent of bathroom towels were contaminated with coliform bacteria, and 14 percent of them also carried E. coli, yet we rub them all over our bodies without a second thought.

Not all towels are made equally, and the 6-Piece Soji Smart Towel Set is a testament to that. The combination of silver infusion and bamboo fiber allows the towels to self-clean with no extra assistance needed. Plus, the lingering, mildew smell that standard towels produce is combated by Soji's odor-fighting microbes. Who knew that the washer didn't have to work so hard? 

Before the towels even ended up on bathroom shelves and hooks, twisted yarn weave and signature stitching set the foundation of the four included hand towels and two bath towels. Usually an overlooked fact, but Soji gets fluffier over time because of the love put into the Japanese towel-making method.

When it comes time to properly execute those self-care days, a soft, 600-thread count towel is a good place to start. It absorbs five times its weight in water thanks to its hyper-absorbancy. You never have to be away for too long.

You can get your 6-Piece Soji Smart Towel Set for $95.99 with this Cyber Monday deal, a far cry from the original selling price of $400. Just use coupon code CMSAVE20 to lock in the major savings at checkout.