Texas woman arrested after pulling gun in parking spot dispute

Occupation of a parking spot at a Corpus Christi grocery store being in dispute, local lady Rossie Dennis, 60, set out to solve it the Texas way: with her gun. This is as alleged by prosecutors; Corpus Christi Police Department arrested her on a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

CCPD says when they arrived at the parking lot they were told that Dennis pointed the gun at the victims and threatened to shoot them over a parking space. It's not clear how many people were in the vehicle, but the Reddit post claims it was a woman and a six-month-old child. Investigators used the video taken by a woman in the vehicle to identify Dennis and issue a warrant for her arrest. She was transferred to the City Detention Center for processing and bond set for $60,000. 

Here's the reddit thread that My San Antonio refers to, which appears to have led to Dennis' identification. Dramatic!