Jim Bob Duggar's testimony is deemed 'not credible' in son Josh Duggar's child pornography trial

Child molester Josh Duggar is back in the news this week as he goes on trial for the possession of child pornography (some of the "top five worst of the worst" that federal agent Gerald Faulkner has had to review). The father of seven, who appears to have installed anti-anti-porn software to download child porn, is pleading "not guilty." Heinous files were downloaded on a computer at the car lot where Josh works, but Josh is employing a Shaggy defense: "it wasn't me."

Josh's father Jim Bob Duggar testified in a pre-trial evidentiary hearing, and District Judge Timothy Brooks has determined that his testimony is "not credible," a blow to the Arkansas state senate candidate's integrity.

"The Court found Mr. Duggar's selective lapse in memory to be not credible; he was obviously reluctant to testify against his son," Brooks wrote.


Earlier this year, in an April 30th statement, Jim Bob and wife Michelle wrote, "it is our prayer that the truth, no matter what it is, will come to light, and that this will all be resolved in a timely manner."

Josh is the oldest of the Duggar siblings made famous by TLC's 19 Kids and Counting which ran from 2008 to 2015. The show was canceled after news broke that Josh had molested five underage girls, including four of his sisters, when he was 14 and 15. Following the scandal, Josh stepped down from his position as executive director of FRC Action, a fundamentalist anti-gay PAC. Several more scandals followed: an adult film star sued Josh for 'manhandling' her after paying her for sex and a California man sued Josh for stealing his photos to use on hookup sites.

Duggar was charged in April with two counts of downloading and possessing child pornography. He has pleaded not guilty but faces up to 20 years in prison and fines of up to $250,000 on each count if convicted. The files, downloaded on the IP address of his now-defunct used car lot, "could only be accessed by rebooting the machine, hitting F9 and manually typing in the password intel1988," according to Daily Mail. Josh has used the same password for banking and social media, and according to Insider, the last four digits are his birth year.