Save 70% learning how to run a successful podcast in honor of Cyber Week

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Let's face it, following through on things may not be your strong suit. From canceling plans with friends last minute to putting off those annoying errands till tomorrow (for the second week in a row), you aren't always the most productive. And when it comes to that brilliant idea you have for a podcast, your lack of experience may cause you to push it on the backburner indefinitely. What a bummer.

If you've been thinking about starting a podcast but have no clue how to put it together, let alone know how to get people to listen to it, make things easier on yourself by enrolling in the courses offered in The 2022 Professional Podcast Masterclass Bundle. Covering everything from how to edit your sessions like a pro to how to get leverage off our overall brand, these eight courses show you exactly how to build the podcast you've been dreaming about.

Even if you're an avid podcast listener yourself, that doesn't mean you know how to produce a killer show. That's why each course offered in this e-learning bundle boasts experienced, top-selling instructors, like Benjamin Wilson, Phil Ebiner, and more. With their insight, you'll create a comprehensive blueprint to building your own podcast, from the creation process all the way to the business side of things, helping you to actually earn money off it one day. 

With an impressive 24 hours of content at your fingertips, you'll learn the right choices to make as you put your podcast together, like which platforms work best, which recourses to use for visuals and sound, and how to broadcast live on iTunes, Stitcher, and iHeartRadio. By the time you've completed your studies, you'll have a complete brand to sell along with your podcast, earning you a promising future like never before. 

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