A collection of Laurie Anderson videos from the 80s-90s

On Ubuweb, you can watch this hour-long collection of videos and music videos featuring the amazing artist and musician Laurie Anderson. I could watch her perform and talk about things all day. Anderson's originality and inventiveness is apparent in literally everything she does. What a woman!

From Ubuweb: 

  • Beautiful Red Dress (1990)
  • Language Is A Virus (1986)
  • Sharkey's Day (1984)
  • O Superman (1981)
  • Personal Service Announcements (1990)
  • Excerpts from:
  • Empty Places, What You Mean We? (1986) Home of the Brave (1986)
  • Alive from Off Cener
  • The Eleventh Hour (1989)
  • Headknock (1981)
  • Tour of Laurie's Home
  • Strange Angels