Get a stunning LED lamp with over 16 million colors for under $100 with this Cyber Week deal

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LED lighting has changed the way we light the world around us. These small diodes are incredibly energy efficient and able to last years without having to be replaced. However, efficiency and longevity aren't the only benefits of LEDs. They're also just flat-out cool. LEDs are able to dynamically shift between countless light combinations, delivering the perfect colors for any mood, and enhancing whichever room they sit in. 

This RGB 360 Pole Lamp is as cool as it gets when it comes to indoor LED lighting. This pole lamp fits easily against any wall or tucked into a corner for an instant upgrade to the ambiance in any room. Usually, this lamp retails at $159, but right now you can get it on sale for only $95.99 when you use Cyber Monday code CMSAVE20 at checkout, saving you $63

LEDs, such as the ones in this pole lamp, consume up to 90 percent less energy than traditional bulbs. That fact alone makes them a great alternative. Their versatility, however, is what really sets them apart. With the RGB 360 Pole Lamp, you can use the remote control to choose between 358 light effects to achieve 16 million color options without even getting hot. 

The lamp even looks chic while not in use. The slim frame is modern, minimalist, and fits in with almost any aesthetic without drawing too much attention. That is until you turn it on and it steals the show. 

LED lighting hasn't only forever changed the longevity and efficiency of artificial lighting, but has completely revolutionized the way we style it. Take your home or office (or both!) ambiance up a level with this beautiful RGB 360 Pole Lamp, now just $95.99 with code CMSAVE20.