Bring the cosmos into your house for $60 with this galaxy projector

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For countless generations, the stars have captured our imagination and filled us with wonder. It's easy to look up at the night sky and lose yourself in the scope and beauty of the universe. There's just so much up there to lose yourself in. Well, now you can bring all the beauty of the stars right into your home. If you're looking to fill out a gift list for the astronomy nerd in your life, how about the whole galaxy? That's exactly what you can do with this space-faring projector. 

The Astro Alan Galaxy Projector is an adorable astronaut compact projector that displays beautiful images of stars and nebulae inside your home. This projector turns any living room into an out-of-this-world experience and any bedroom into the perfect space for magical dreams. Best of all, the Astro Alan Galaxy Projector is currently on sale for only $59.99, down from $89 — that's a savings of nearly $30.

Astro Alan is a great way to relax with its soothing light display. The projector features 8 nebula effects that can be controlled via remote. The displays can be programmed for automatic shut-off after 40 or 90 minute periods, so it's great to fall asleep to. You can switch between the effects and timers to suit your NASA-themed room's theme. 

Users love the Astro Alan for its beautiful displays and adorable design. "When the light is on, the galaxy projector nightlight is amazing as it casts green stars and a nebula across the ceiling and walls as directed by the tilt of the astronaut's head," comments one user. "The astronaut figure is easy to position as desired as the head turns and tilts to cast the lights where desired. The astronaut's arms also rotate up and down although this doesn't affect the lights. The remote control has a timer function as well as on/off and controls for the stars and nebula." 

Transform any room into an out-of-this-world layer with the Astro Alan Galaxy Projector, available now for just $59.99