CNN fires Chris Cuomo, who is also now accused of sexual misconduct

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, already suspended after it emerged he used his position at the network to research women who accused his brother and former New York governor Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment, was fired over the weekend.

Chris—supposedly a journalist bound by professional ethics standards—strategized with his brother over the course of Andrew's increasingly scandalous admininistration and regularly brought him on-air for chummily faux-adversarial "interviews".

But it was failing to tell his bosses about his oppo research on Andrew's victims that led to the suspension. And his firing apparently comes after CNN learned of accusations against Chris Cuomo himself.

Chris Cuomo has already apologized for groping veteran broadcaster Shelley Ross; the new accusation is a different woman, according to reports.

As soon as he was out the door this weekend, Chris turned on his former employer, claiming CNN boss Jeff Zucker knew all along.