I haven't seen this commercial for Atari Pole Position since 1982 and I love it more than ever

This TV spot for Pole Position, a racing car game for the Atari 2600, is pure genius. It starts with a disembodied voice-of-god screaming "HEY!!!" at a mild-mannered family in a car driving down a suburban street.

"Yes?" says the driver, a man with large-framed eyeglasses, a yellow vest, blue shirt, and green bow-tie. His wife sits next to him in and their son and daughter are in the back, looking like miniature versions of the parents.

"You look like a real jerk," screams the god.

"Well I am a corporate executive," says the man with a smug smirk.

"He stops exciting things from happening!" the woman chimes in.

"So whatcha doin?" asks the god.

"Well, Muffy, Buffy, Biff Jr., and I are going on a Sunday drive," says Biff Sr.

"Oh no you ain't," says the God. "You're gonna play POLE POSITIONNNN!!!"

The camera pulls out to show a race car zoom past the boxy family car. Then the god reaches down from the sky, picks up the car and shakes the occupant out of the car into racing cars on a track. As a terrific power-pop song starts playing, the god drops the car on the street, causing it to explode.

The rest of the video switches between the family racing each other on the track and actual Pole Position gameplay.

The game ends with a narrator's promise: "Pole Position on Atari. It'll bust your crank, and leave skid marks on your soul."

[via r/ObscureMedia]