Take your Zoom game up a notch with an XSplit Presenter Premium Subscription

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If someone told you a couple of years ago that you'd be attending multiple meetings a week with a pants-option policy, you wouldn't have believed it. But the truth is, your computer has become a necessary tool to talk with coworkers, communicate with your bosses (thankfully from the chest-up), and create content, both professionally and personally. 

Given the number of things you film on your computer these days, learning how to make high-quality videos — even if they're just for weekly meetings for work — has become a big part of your regular tasks, forcing you to really get creative, digitally speaking. And with the tools offered in XSplit Presenter Premium, you can easily turn your live and recorded videos into true works of art, or, if anything, way more professional. 

With this innovative program, you can add your own personal touch to any video or live meeting with the tap of a finger, whether you're doing presentations through Powerpoint or Google Slides, or talking live on Zoom. From easily manipulating your background with a virtual green screen to directing viewers' attention to certain areas of the screen via annotations and fun graphics, XSplit makes creating live and recorded content easy, even if you have little to no experience with this kind of stuff.

Developed by SplitmediaLabs, a cutting-edge Hong Kong-based software development company that specializes in providing creators with high-tech multimedia applications and technology, XSplit uses today's most up-to-date tools and systems to help users expand their potential with both personal and professional projects. It's no wonder it's garnered countless high ratings online, thanks to its innovative tools and great products. 

XSplit Presenter is designed to give your videos and live presentations a little extra oomph, adding value to your creations like no other program out there. That's why it makes performing these little tweaks and edits incredibly easy, allowing you to share your content, upload it onto other platforms, and present it with ease. 

Save big on a lifetime subscription to XSplit Presenter Premium, now just $59 bucks.