This cat toy is the only one your cat will ever want, and it's under $30

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Anybody with a feline friend cares a whole lot about their cat's toys. Why is that so important? Because the tough truth is that if your cat doesn't think their toy is the greatest thing since sliced bread, everything in your living space instantly becomes fair game as a toy. The side of your couch, the glass trinkets on your mantelpiece, the whole nine yards. Instant toy. If you're careful, you can spend a whole lot of money in an endless cycle buying toys that your cat will lose interest in two days later. Yikes. 

But not all cat toys are created equal. As a society, we've progressed a whole lot further than just a tiny blob of fabric on a string to stimulate cats. The Smart & Interactive Self-Rotating Ball Teaser is the best toy you can give your cat. It's also kind of the perfect gift to give a cat this holiday season, not that they really understand what holidays are, anyways. Not only is this toy very engaging, but it's also very reasonably priced. 

Let's start by establishing one fact: this isn't your typical cat toy. The intelligent self-rotating ball is pretty awesome at killing multiple birds with one stone, without wreaking havoc on your home. It keeps your cat engaged as it moves throughout the house and makes sure they're getting a healthy amount of movement every day. 

360-degree rotation increases your cat's curiosity, as does an LED color light that changes color with movement. An intelligent sensor system detects and avoids obstacles along the path.  When the cat isn't playing with the toy, it enters an automatic standby state after 3 minutes, which means its battery lasts longer. 

The Smart & Interactive Self-Rotating Ball Teaser normally costs $32, but you can get it for only $28.99

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