Chocolate Orange Mayonnaise exists, and you can win a jar right now

Terry, the company behind the infamously delicious Chocolate Orange, has teamed up with Heinz for a, erm, unique Christmas special: Chocolate Orange Mayonnaise, the "festive mash-up that you didn't know you needed."

According to Bustle:

The new flavour has been introduced as a limited-edition Christmas snack and is designed to be used on crumpets, toast, or croissants. 

If you're wondering whether the product actually contains mayo, the answer is yes. While there's melted Terry's Chocolate Orange, Crème Patissière, and Terry's Chocolate Orange's real orange oil in there, at the core of the weirdly wonderful formula is Heinz Mayonnaise.

According to ITV's This Morning, however, it's not that bad!

Holly Willoughby said: "This is actually alright.

"It's not as mayonnaise-y as I thought it was going to be.

"I'd rather eat a Chocolate Orange though," she laughed.

Phillip Schofield, however, was left disgusted – but not because he didn't like the spread.

The This Morning host moaned because his crumpet was floppy and not cooked properly!

You won't find Chocolate Orange Mayo in stores, however; there are only 200 jars, which are exclusively available as part of a promotion running on Heinz and Terry's social media channels through December 13.

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