Kelsey Grammer owns a Christian-themed brewery in the Catskills

Thanks to Fingers, a delightful business-of-alcohol newsletter, I've learned that Kelsey Grammer apparently owns a Jesus-themed brewery in the Catskills. From the Faith American Brewery website:

Faith American Brewing Company, LLC was founded in 2015 as the first step toward a dream that is decades old. Having visited the Catskills as a boy and spent some of my most precious days here, I always suspected I would have a future with these mountains. Twenty-six years ago, the land was bought that is the home to Faith American. Here in Delaware County, times have been challenging and the once prosperous region has suffered considerably; it was a dream of returning this land and even this region to prosperity, a dream that commerce could restore this magnificent corner of the world to a thriving and vital place in America's economy that gave birth to the idea of a brewery. It is our hope that Faith will create and sell beautiful beers of all varieties. We will brew at the old dairy farm site and explore this marvelous craft, living in harmony with the land and the people here, harvesting our potential together as Faith American Brewing Company brings joy to our customers and revenue to the community. May fortune smile on this venture and the good people of our town, these mountains and our blessed nation. Free of shame and without apology, we thank God for the abundance in our lives and for this opportunity.

I mean, sure.

Despite the fact that this brand launched in 2015, and that Grammer even did an interview with the New York Stock Exchange about it in 2019, its distribution seems … lacking, to say the least. Supposedly you can find their beers all throughout New Jersey and New York…

…But the company's Faith American Ale has 2 ratings on Beer Advocate, averaging a 3.38/5, while their Calico Man IPA has only 1 review, giving it a 3.75. Even their on-premises tavern only has one review on Yelp.

Maybe this a thing where you're supposed to have faith in order to find the beer? IDK.

Everything I've learned about Kelsey Grammer's vaguely Christian craft beer brand [Dave Infante / Fingers]