Learn geography by rotating the globe with your nose

I enjoyed touring the world in the aptly named "The Earth-Nose-Direction game" created on observablehq.com, a collaborative data science workspace. You turn on your camera, allow the site to locate your nose, and then use your nose to spin the globe to the target destination. I like that the challenges involve cities that aren't capitals or major metropolises. For example, two lesser-known cities I located were Xianfan, China and Gilbert, Arizona. It's also cool that you can see (and modify!) the code behind the project. The game may cause more neck strain than it's worth and it doesn't beat the classic, but it'll provide a few minutes of entertainment.

A few other cool projects I've stumbled upon on observablehq.com (it can be quite the rabbit hole) include this map of Wikipedia pageviews by day of the year (hint: Pumpkin Spice Latte's views skyrocket in September and October) and a map of common dog names by breed.