Musk wants to keep other automakers from getting the tax assistance Tesla already saw

It would appear that Elon "Pedo Guy" Musk doesn't think much of level playing fields. His recent attack on the Biden Administration's infrastructure plan seems centered on the fact that his company got the benefit of the tax earlier, no longer thinks it needs the support, and doesn't want to see other manufacturers benefit.

However, the tax credit goes to auto buyers and Tesla's own customers would, once again, benefit from the new plan, just not as much as unionized automakers.


"Honestly, I would just can this whole bill," Musk said late Monday during The Wall Street Journal's CEO Council Summit. "Don't pass it, that's my recommendation."

The Build Back Better Act, which has passed in the House but has yet to go to the Senate, includes tax incentives of up to $12,500 for vehicles built by autoworker union members to spur consumer demand in electric vehicles. The Biden administration's efforts would reinstate a $7,500 federal credit for Tesla, which doesn't have union workers building cars, once again giving Tesla the same credits that many other automakers are still eligible for. But Tesla has been operating without the standard $7,500 for nearly two years now and is doing just fine, Musk said.

The Build Back Better Act follows Biden's infrastructure bill, which was signed into law last month. It includes $7.5 billion to build out the nation's electric-vehicle charging stations. Musk also said Monday that government funding for EV charging is unnecessary.

Seems kind of a shitty thing to do to your own customers? 200,000 Tesla customers already appreciated this $7500 credit.


For example, US automaker Tesla topped over 200,000 qualified plug-in electrics sold a few years ago, and as a result no longer qualifies for any federal tax credit… at least for now. Fear not, Tesla owners, there are still ways to save money on your EV purchase! See the "tax incentives for Tesla buyers" section below.

Another important rule to keep in mind is that the federal tax credit cannot be passed on. This credit applies to the original registered owner only. That means any used EVs you already have or are going to purchase are already disqualified.