Cop suspended for 1 day after assaulting suspect with warrant papers

A Cleveland Detective was given the day off—yes, a single day's suspension—after he was filmed rubbing an arrest warrant in a suspect's face when he asked to see it.

Detective Donald Kopchak was serving on an ATF task force when he was investigating [the suspect]. Detective Kopchak … claimed his case was dismissed and that he could come to the police station and pick up his property.

However, this was all a lie and Detective Kopchak was really trying to apprehend [the suspect] on his federal warrant. [the suspect] then showed up to the police station and was taken into custody by officers.

After the struggle, Detective Kopchak rubbed [the] arrest warrant in his face.

It happens about 2:40 in the video embedded here. Note a few moments later when the detective quietly asks nearby officers if their bodycams are on.

Is there a specific term for for how police escalate detentions like this to provoke suspects and increase the likelihood of a violent outcome? Not so much the tactical screaming and abuse that garnishes arrests made in public, but as happens in this footage: officers swarming and manhandling suspects without competently securing them; getting in suspects' faces; playing "Simon Says" with them; encouraging suspects to lash out before removing their ability to do so, etc.

"Boiling" seems about right, as in "boiling the suspect", but it's pervasive in the U.S. that I feel it must be in the training manuals under a blandly passive subheading.