Disney to reboot Firefly without accused harasser Joss Whedon

Disney evidently acquired the rights to Firefly and plans to make a Disney+ streaming version intended to be more family-friendly. In keeping with Disney's family-friendly ideals, Joss Whedon will not be joining the project.

I hope they still swear in Chinese.


The original Firefly series on Fox was intended for mature audiences. Inara, for example, is explicitly known to be a courtesan on the show. There are also political, social, and economic factors that interrogate the morals and ethics of the characters' world and society. Disney has not confirmed anything about the plot, but there is speculation on how the story will differ. Some routes include picking up right where the series left off and delving into the past of the Malcolm Reynolds (Nathan Fillion) who fought in the civil war against the Alliance. However, it is most likely that Disney will restart the entire series on a more family-friendly note. While Disney achieved a new "first" in Eternals by featuring the first openly gay character and first real sex scene, it's unlikely that Firefly will do the same. Instead, they might opt for a narrative that would appeal to a more general audience on its streaming platform.

Since Firefly was his vision and dream, many wondered whether or not Joss Whedon would return for the reboot. While Whedon isn't a stranger to creating television properties–Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a much beloved series to this day–it seems that the allegations of workplace harassment against him might be the reason he won't be returning. Indeed, WarnerMedia conducted an investigation,, resulting in swift action from the studio. Whedon then exited the HBO Max series The Nevers, and it's safe to assume that producers, especially Disney, are cautious about working with him. He has not directed any television shows or movies since leaving The Nevers.