Keep you and your pets safe from blue-green algae with this rapid test kit

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If you or your pet love playing in the water outside, what are the chances you really know the quality of that water? Probably pretty low. Any and all kinds of bacteria could be lurking there and, most commonly, it could be blue-green algae. Luckily, the 5Strands BlueGreen Algae Test is here to give you peace of mind so you can know how safe the water is before you ever dip your toes in.

So, what exactly is blue-green algae? Blue-green algae is a group of organisms that can live in freshwater, saltwater, or in mixed brackish water and can come in many colors such as red, orange, green, or brown. It is commonly referred to as "pond scum" and can cause you or your pet to become extremely ill if swallowed, or even if it comes in contact with your skin. It's not to be messed with and should be taken seriously when you or your pet is venturing into unknown waters (literally).

The 5Strands BlueGreen Algae Test is simple and effective in making sure you don't expose yourself or any loved one to blue-green algae. First, you collect the water sample, then you wait for 10 minutes for the results. The kit will display a reading of a single line if no blue-green is detected, or two lines if the algae toxins have been detected. This test kit has an accuracy rating of 99% and can detect 11 types of hepatotoxins.

This kit also has an impressive 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon, so you know it's been tested by others and has kept them safe from harm.

So, keep you and your pets safe and pick up the 5Strands BlueGreen Algae Test today so you can quickly, safely, and accurately test the quality of water you may be exposed to. Boing Boing readers can get this life-saving kit right now for 8% off at only $31.99.