The genius behind South Park's structure

Few shows can tout that they're even more relevant a quarter of a century into their existence, and even fewer shows can make that claim while boasting an anthropomorphic turd and towel as characters. South Park isn't just a pop culture icon; it's the leading source of American satire that has weathered the shifting tides of what is societally acceptable. Through it all, the fart jokes and piercing topicality have remained constant. The show's most recent Paramount + exclusive "movie" South Park: Post-Covid shows exactly what I'm talking about.

From the outside looking in, South Park's mastery of switching between vulgar humor and salient jabs at society may seem too subtle to explain, but YouTuber Nerdstalgic takes a stab at it. In the video, Nerdstalgic cites two comedic structures that help South Park navigate the unruly monster that is writing comedy. The video shows how their structure applies to multiple comedy shows while providing a window into Trey Parker and Matt Stone's thought processes.