The iMac used to create Wikipedia is up for auction

The strawberry Apple iMac that Jimmy Wales used to create Wikipedia (and its predecessor Nupedia) is up for auction. The provenance is listed as the "family of Jimmy Wales." With a week left in the auction, the current highest bid as I type this $8,500. I hope the winning bidder donates it to the Computer History Museum. From Christie's:

Early in 2000, Wales and his partners had spearheaded an ambitious project: they would develop a free, online, user-sourced encyclopedia called Nupedia. But as the year came to a close, the project was languishing with barely a handful of articles complete. Wales was contemplating abandoning the entire endeavor, but on Boxing Day, a highly personal event changed everything:

"…my first child Kira was born, but with a serious medical condition—she was immediately whisked away to intensive care and I eventually ended up at home frantically researching (as any new parent would) the condition, trying to learn more. I sat down to this very computer and started my research.

And of course, back then, the result was a mess. There was no straightforward, concise, and trustworthy source of information to explain something like this to me. I decided to double-down on my efforts rather than give up—I could see and feel in an emotional way the importance of quality information. After she got out of the hospital, I installed a primitive 'wiki software' package and on January 15, 2001, Wikipedia was launched.