Watch these hard-rocking hijabis crush a track

A hijab and an electric guitar: the massive strides in representation notwithstanding, Islamic art is still criminally underrepresented in our media-saturated society. Dave Chappelle and a handful of rappers are the only prominent examples of Islamic entertainers for most artistically inclined Muslim boys. For Muslim girls? The list is nonexistent. That is until Voice of Baceprot burst on the scene.

The Indonesian hijabi trio brings aggressive energy comparable to the hardest rocking bands in their genre. With their hit song "God, Allow Me (Please) to Play Music" — currently hovering at a million views on YouTube — the all-girl band shreds their way through a banger track that explores Islam's relationship with music.

Even though the Quran doesn't prohibit music, Muslim culture has long equated music with sin, making modern life untenable for millions of Muslims. As a result, Voice of Baceprot serves as the voice for Muslim youth everywhere.