Boost videography skills with this professional-grade 4K drone for 20% off

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Modern day visual media has turned videography into a primary form of artistic expression. No longer is it just as simple as pointing a camera at something and hitting the record button. The possibilities with videography are virtually limitless, and the scope of those possibilities have grown even larger thanks to the utilization of drones. Now, there's a drone that stands out among the rest with the consumer and visual artist in mind.

The EXO Cinemaster 4K Dynamic Drone is the most wallet-friendly professional-grade camera drone on the market today. Of course, 4K video is great, but it would be nothing if your shots aren't steady. Luckily, the equipped three-axis gimbal will make your footage silky smooth no matter how wildly you choose to fly your drone. The camera's 1/3-inch sensor also offers great quality shots in low and bright lighting, and will give your footage dynamic range, brighter colors, and a softer look.

Aside from its awesome camera, the Cinemaster drone is a dream to fly. The brushless motors make its motions clean and intentional at top speeds of 21-24 mph, and when your propellers wear out you can easily replace them. As an added bonus feature, built in GPS will track your drone's exact take-off point, and will have it return to that point when the battery is low, you lose connection with it, or simply when you hit the "Return to Home" button.

The EXO Cinemaster also boasts a variety of additional features that make choosing this drone a no-brainer. For fans of night-shots, the body is outfitted with external LEDs, making it easy to spot in the dark. You can even watch exactly what your drone is seeing with a 720p HD live-feed that operates in flight. Last but not least, if you have any questions or trouble at all, you'll enjoy dedicated live-pilot support from the EXO customer service team, as well as quick start tutorials designed to get you flying and shooting like a pro in no time.

If you're a videographer looking to step your game up in the biggest way, then the EXO Cinemaster 4K Dynamic Drone is the next purchase you need to make. Boing Boing readers can grab this game-changing piece of tech for 20% off at only $437.99!