The legendary career of George Perez

Recently, comics legend George Perez announced that he's battling a terminal case of pancreatic cancer and subsequently announced his retirement. For those on the periphery of comic and superhero culture, Perez's name doesn't resonate as strongly as a Stan Lee, but he is a goliath in an industry of giants to the die-hard fans.

Developing his artistic prowess at Marvel comics in the 70s, Perez laid the visual foundation for a host of the MCU's most famous characters during his tenure on the Avengers. In later years, Perez would migrate over to DC comics and produce some of the most important work of his career.

If you enjoyed Gal Gadot's turn as Wonder Woman, odds are the character wouldn't have survived long enough to make a movie without Perez's intervention in the 80s. Do you watch Teen Titans Go! with your kids? Perez helped solidify that franchise too. In addition to that, Perez was an early creator of color in the world of comics.

Attempting to encapsulate the gargantuan legacy of one of comics' most prolific creators in a single blog post would be a tremendous disservice. All I can hope to do with this post is to inspire you to go back and read some of his work. If you enjoy even a single offering from the endless conveyor belt of superhero films and television shows, do yourself a favor and pick up a George Perez comic. I'll let the master speak for himself.