These GUNNAR gaming glasses are perfect to avoid eye strain from blue light

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Got game? No no, not in your dating life (though we'd steer clear of that for now, you might be lured into a cult), we're talking about hardcore gaming behind the controllers. If you're an avid gamer, you probably have all the necessities needed to absolutely wreck your opponents, or do you?

Grab one or all of these glasses that use amber lens technology to help with the strain of blue light so you can continue to play until your heart gives out (which hoping isn't anytime soon since you're being safe and staying home as opposed to other morons).

GUNNAR 6-Siege Intercept Gaming Glasses – $67.99; originally $79

To accompany the smudge-resistant coating these come with, they also use anti-reflective lens coating to make sure you're not blinded by the light (or you, know, your screen). This ensures ultimate gaming for hours.

GUNNAR 6-Siege Ash Edition Gaming Glasses – $84.99; originally $99

A Rainbow 6 Siege hardcore fan? These glasses pair specifically with the game and are great for both indoor and outdoor use, which is something you won't see on many gaming glasses.

GUNNAR Enigma Assassin's Creed: Valhalla Edition Gaming Glasses – $67.99; originally $79

These glasses are perfect for all Assassin's Creed: VALHALLA fanatics due to their ties to the game. Perfect for Viking nerds everywhere, they are fit with a wide format lens so you can soak everything in.

GUNNAR ESL Blade Gaming Glasses – $67.99; originally $79

If you're a victim of serious eye strain, these glasses could be a game-changer (no pun intended). The first-ever signature ESL gaming glasses, these babies are also designed to use with your favorite headset.

GUNNAR ESL Blade Lite Gaming Glasses – $44.99; originally $49

Another awesome pair of ESL gaming glasses, these are designed for kiddos and teens. This way, the whole family can enjoy hours of gaming that definitely won't start a fight.

GUNNAR FPS Mini Razer Edition Gaming Glasses for Kids – $35.99; originally $39

Another pair of glasses for kids, these are perfect for the newbie gamer between ages 8-12. And, because they have super sensitive eyes, these also include a natural focus so their little corneas can take a rest.

GUNNAR FPS Razer Edition Gaming Glasses – $84.99; originally $99

Need to class the place up a bit? These glasses come with stainless steel frames, micro-engineered lens locks, and protective lens coating, as well as the eye strain protection we all know and love.

GUNNAR Tom Clancy's The Division 2 Intercept Gaming Glasses – $67.99; originally $79

With multi-barrel hinges anchored into injected temples, as well as engineering-grade injection polymers, these glasses are for the expert gamer. Plus, they're Tom Clancy-inspired, so you know they're for the best of the best.

GUNNAR Lightning Bolt 360 Gaming Glasses – $118.99; originally $139

The lightning bolt technology on these glasses relieves pressure on your temples for headache alleviation. Speaking of, there are also three temple options, so your headset will rest easy on your face without putting your head through a vice grip.

GUNNAR MOBA Razer Edition Gaming Glasses – $44.99; originally $49

Those of us who are every day glasses wearers know the struggle of not being comfortable. These have a comfort-fit nose bridge to make things a little easier on your face.

GUNNAR RPG Razer Edition Gaming Glasses – $84.99; originally $99

As a professional gamer, you know what it's like to have a myriad of different eye problems. These include a wrap-around frame and patented lens curve combo to combat dry eyes the easy way.

GUNNAR Torpedo-X Razer Edition Gaming Glasses – $67.99; originally $79

Need something a little lighter? These have a semi-rimless, wide nylon frame design, so you can get a full view of what you're doing without having a rim in the way.

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