The return of the iconic dungeon-delving board game, HeroQuest

For a lot of tabletop miniature gamers of a certain age, their gateway into the hobby was Milton-Bradley/Games Workshops' 1989 adventure board game, HeroQuest. The game was pretty much designed to lure young nerds (9+) into the world of fantasy miniature gaming and dungeon-delvers and that's exactly what it did. The game was hugely successful from 1989 to 1997. As the game passed into history, many who'd played it in their youth or those who hadn't but wanted to, HeroQuest became something of a lost "grail game."

In 2020, Hasbro ran a crowdfunding campaign on their website to raise a million dollars to create a remake of the game with all new miniatures and art. That game is now here.

In this video, Stuart Ashen does a deep dive comparison between the original HeroQuest and the new Avalon Hill version of the game.

Image: Screengrab