30 great gift ideas for anyone who works from home

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We are right in the thick of the Holiday Season and it's time to start getting those gift lists in order. With things more open than they were a year ago, there's been much winter stuff to catch up on. Public tree lightings, ice skating, just walking around in the brisk weather all help to let the holidays sneak up on us.

If you've let your gift shopping get away from you, or are struggling to find the perfect idea, this list of 30 gifts for someone who works from home has your back. 

U-Stream Home Streaming Studio with 10" ring Light & Tripod — $35, originally $49.99 

Stream video like a pro whether you're starting your own vlog or leading a presentation from your home office. The U-Stream features three light settings and an extendable tripod so you always get the perfect light and perfect angle. 

Omega 2.0 Inkless Pen — $29.99, originally $41 

A pen that will never run out of ink! The Omega 2.0 features the age-old technology of metal "ink". This pen never needs sharpening, refilling, or anything at all to lay down a permanent, smudge-proof smooth, grey line. 

Sinji Ergonomic Mouse — $22.95, originally $33 

Do you find yourself cramping after hours of using the mouse? Heavy use of a computer mouse is one of the leading causes of carpal tunnel syndrome. The Sinji uses a patented vertical orientation to keep the hand in an upright neutral position, for greater comfort and a safer long-term habit. 

Wickedbone: Smart Interactive Dog Toy — $69.95, originally $99 

Dogs love bones, but bones don't necessarily love dogs. This interactive toy is not only safer for their tummies, but has nine activity settings for hours of fun that will help your furry friend get the exercise they need. 

BentoStack PowerHub 5000 — $99.99, originally $159 

Say goodbye to that unsightly mess of wires. This stackable Qi-enabled charging port has a home for everything from storage space, to 8 ports, to a 5.000 mAh portable wireless charging station. 

Mini Portable Water Cooling Fan — $39.99, originally $69 

This mini evaporation cooling station utilizes the natural properties of water to deliver a refreshing cool flow of air wherever you go. Plug it in and leave it on your desk, or take it with you and let the 10-hour battery life keep you cool on the go. 

EC1 Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk — $254.99, originally $299 

Maintain your workflow without compromising your back with this sleek electric standing desk. The desk goes from its lowest to highest setting at the touch of a button and its large rectangular workspace and modern aesthetic have earned it a 4.85/5 star rating on Amazon. 

SyncPen 2nd Generation Smart Pen with Notebook — $149.99, originally $199 

Do you prefer writing by hand, but need to maintain an editable copy of your notes? Forget transcribing this pen will automatically convert all your handwriting, sketches, doodles, etc into text that can be shared with anyone.

Skill Set Scientific Desk Toy + Magnet Shield (Red) — $105.95, originally $129 

Skill Set is a desk toy with a bit more originality. Highlighting Lentz's Law, Skill Set will provide more fun than a fidget spinner as you try to keep a magnetized ball floating in mid-air using only aluminum tubes. 

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser + Lemongrass Essential Oil — $65.99, originally $89 

Transform your workspace into an oasis with a lemongrass diffuser. Essential oils are great for relaxation and focus, and this diffuser doubles as a humidifier to keep moisture in the air during the dry winter months. 

EZE Back Cool Memory Foam Seat Cushion (Blue) — $49.99, originally $69 

This seat cushion is more than just a comfortable pad for your rear. The cooling technology disperses heat while the memory foam contoured shape aligns your neck and spine for superior comfort. 

LifePro FlexCycle Under Desk Exercise Bike (Blue) — $174.99, originally $259 

Don't have the time, money, or patience for the gym? No worries the LifePro FlexCycle fits easily under your desk and features 8 resistance settings for an increasingly difficult at-home (or office) workout. 

FlexiSpot M7C Desk Riser with Deep Keyboard Tray — $149.99, originally $169 

The FlexiSpot Desk Riser turns any desk into a standing desk. Its unique u-shape offers more room than typical risers and its highly adjustable base and integrated stabilization will help you find the perfect height for your needs. 

DynaMini Massage Gun with Interchangeable Heads — $99.99, originally $124 

The DynaMini is the perfect percussion massage gun to help you recover from a long workout or get a kink out of your neck or back from sitting at your desk. Weighing in at only 1lb, this ultra-portable massage gun boasts a 4.8/5 star rating on Amazon. 

Oculamp: Eye Safe 3-Function Desk Lamp — $119.99, originally $175 

Most lights in your home give off blue light, this is bad news if you work late because it throws off your natural sleep/wake cycle. Oculamp however features a smart technology that filters out blue light as the day goes on leaving you with a sleep-friendly lamp all day long. 

Ocushield Anti-Blue Light Glasses (Carson/Clear White) — $39.99, originally $84 

Ocushield glasses filter out harmful blue light, protecting your eyes and helping you to focus for longer. Plus by filtering out blue light throughout the day, and especially at night, Ocushield will help you to fall asleep more easily and wake up feeling more refreshed. 

CleanLight UV Sanitizing Water Bottle — $79.99, originally $109 

Featuring double-walled stainless steel construction, this durable bottle will keep your drinks cold in a sleek package. But that's not all, its integrated UV light kills 99.99 percent of germs and bacteria right in the bottle. 

TOSOT Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier — $33.99, originally $49 

The TOSOT is humidified air streamlined. Unlike traditional bottom-fill reservoir humidifiers, the TOSOT features a top-fill design for easier filling and fewer spills. Its one-button operation makes for an uncomplicated process and a sleek, minimalist-looking device. 

xFryo Active Noise Cancelling AI-Powered Wireless Earbuds — $39.99, originally $250 

Normal noise-canceling headphones mute the world around you to make your music seem louder. xFryo utilizes active noise canceling such that AI actually listens to your environment and your music to optimize what gets pumped into your ears, delivering a remarkable audio experience. 

Logitech 920004088 Wireless Keyboard — $24.99, originally $30 

This long-ranged, 2.4GHZ wireless keyboard virtually eliminates delays and dropouts from anywhere in your home or office. The ultra-quiet keys deliver nearly silent strokes and the multiple programmable F-keys allow you to truly customize your computer experience. 

Apple Watch Series 2 42mm -Gray/Black (Refurbished) — $169.95, originally $399 

The iconic Apple watch is here to be your all day personal assistant. This advanced watch helps you track multiple lines of fitness goals, overall well being, and keep up with alerts you deem important. 

Google WiFi AC1200 Mesh WiFi System – Wifi Router – 1500 Sq Ft Coverage (New) — $89.99, originally $99 

Say goodbye to dead zones in your home WiFi network. This mesh system syncs WiFi points to blanket your home in ultra-fast WiFi coverage. 

Logitech 960001257 HD Pro Webcam — $79.98, originally $89 

Enjoy razor-sharp, professional-quality picture right from your home. This 1080P Hi-Def webcam is video call capable, features a glass lens for sharper images, and has an autofocus and lighting feature. 

Desktop Garden in Bamboo Planter with Soy Candle (Tropical) — $71.99, originally $80 

Transform your workspace into a tropical oasis. This collection of three tropical plants comes fully rooted and ready to accent the lovely scented, hand-poured soy wax candle. 

Sboly Single Serve Coffee Maker Brewer for K-Cup Pods & Ground Coffee — $46.99, originally $69 

Prepare delicious, gourmet coffee that'll taste like it's from the barista right from your home. This single-serving coffee maker will deliver fresh hot coffee from grounds or K-Pods in only 3 minutes. Cleaning is a breeze with its self-cleaning function. 

MagStack Foldable 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station with Floating Stand — $44.99, originally $69 

This 3-in-1 wireless charging station reduces clutter from your desk or workspace. The station is detachable, making it perfect for travel and pairs with Apply, Android, or any Qi charging devices. 

OPOLAR Computer Cordless Handheld Vacuum — $73.99, originally $83 

Keep your workspace tidy with this narrow-mouthed computer vacuum. This powerful handheld vacuum allows you to get in between keys, behind the monitor, and everywhere else to remove dust or crumbs from your personal computer. 

WiredVibe Personalized Music for Focus: Lifetime Subscription — $49.99, originally $1,198

WiredVibe is here to take your productivity to the next level. Instead of using a pill, WiredVibe uses Brainwave Technology to stimulate focus, increasing workflow and efficiency. 

Toasty Trotters Unisex Slippers (Coffee) — $29.99, originally $99 

Toasty Trotters are the perfect slipper to wear around the house this winter. Their fleece-lined insides will keep your feet warm and toasty while the durable exterior will keep them protected. 

Ui 2-in1 Self-Heating Mug & Wireless Charging Pad Set — $84.95, originally $94 

Maintain your coffee, tea, or whatever warm beverage you want to enjoy at the optimal temperature with this self-heating mug. Not only that, but the mug's charging pad is Qi-enabled and can double as a charging station for your smartphone or other Qi-enabled devices. 

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