David Lynch's "Rabbits" changed the way I look at film

Rabbits is a series of eight horror shorts from 2002 by David Lynch. I first saw the series when I was in high school after finding it online. I immediately loved these films because of their eerie atmosphere, and for the strange way they made me feel. It was the first time I had ever seen a film without a traditional plot, it felt more like an experience to be had than a story to understand. This led me to become interested in more out-there, experimental films. 

You can watch all of them here. The entirety of Rabbits takes place within one box set, designed like a living room of a house. It's reminiscent of the type of living room set you might see on a typical sitcom. All of the characters are humanoid rabbits, who say mysteriously vague things that lack context, such as "I do not know where Jack is". Ominous music plays while a laugh track occasionally chimes in. Lynch refers to the series as a sitcom himself, but in the eyes of most viewers, it falls into the horror category.