The rise and fall of Fox Kids

One of the unforeseen consequences of streaming was the death of Saturday morning cartoons. To kids born after 2012, the idea of waiting until Saturday to overdose on cereal and cartoons is as foreign as kids in the 90s picking up a double shift in the coal mine. Immediacy is the name of the game for kids today, and God bless 'em for it. I miss Saturday morning cartoons, and my reasons are entirely selfish.

If you're a Millenial nerd, like me, odds are the Fox Kids programming block acted as the jumper cables to the surges of fandom that course through your heart. Without Fox Kids, I might have still become a Batman, Spider-Man, and X-Men fan through independent discovery, but, boy, did they make it easy.

However, it wasn't just the content that I loved. It was the ritual. I knew that my parents experienced a similar glee on the Saturday mornings of their youth. It felt like an unassailable element of childhood. Consequently, I continued the ritual to feel perpetually attached to my own. Without it, I'm just old. Who knew cartoons could help avoid an existential crisis?

In the video linked above, Toy Galaxy's YouTube channel shares a fun and concise history of Fox Kids and why it faded away. If you want to relive your childhood and learn about the evolving landscape of television in the 90s, give the video a watch.