Woman claims SpaceX lowballed her with threats of eminent domain

A Texas homeowner unlucky enough to be adjacent to the SpaceX launch facility felt bullied and refused to sell her home.

It seems uncharacteristic for Texas, a state all about property rights and refusing government interference except when it comes to women's bodies, to take one's own private Alamo and hand it to a pretend Texan Baby Warbucks.


A resident of a South Texas village told NBC News that SpaceX wanted to buy her house for $150,000 but that the company's offer was one-third of the price of similar properties nearby.

SpaceX is building its Starbase city in Boca Chica, where the company has launched its Falcon 9 rockets and Starship prototypes.

Some residents have said SpaceX made offers for their homes that they considered unfair or were too low to buy similar homes elsewhere. The Wall Street Journal reported in May that SpaceX had bought at least 112 parcels of land in the area.

Johnson and Maria Pointer, another Boca Chica resident, told NBC News that a real-estate agent representing Elon Musk's company had told them their properties could be seized by the state under eminent domain.