Wonder Core: the funniest Japanese ad since Mr. Sparkle

For the longest time, commercials were something that you had to accept. They still are in some ways, but modern viewing practices provide several evasive options for dealing with ads. Whether you speed search with your DVR or snipe the "skip ad" button on YouTube like Clint Eastwood in a western, commercials are more tolerable than they've ever been- because you can avoid them.

The major drawback to this bargain is that you potentially miss the entertaining ads, infrequent though they may be. Ask yourself, what was the last commercial that unified the nation like Budweiser's iconic "wassaup"?

In the 90s and 00s, finding an entertaining commercial in the deluge of useless drek peddled on the idiot box made you understand Stockholm syndrome. The giant corporations may have had us as hostages, but at least they gave a funny ad or two in between Duckman.

Intentionally trying to find a great commercial to capture those nostalgic 90s nights is stupid, pointless work. That's why I went ahead and did it for you. The Wonder Core ad linked above isn't just a funny ad; it's a wonderfully surreal piece of entertainment in its own right. Check it out for yourself.