Stay charged and compact with 25% off this all-in-one power bank

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There's not much to say about a dead phone — literally, your phone's dead. You can't tell anyone anything unless you're going to send a carrier pigeon (trust us, this is the preferred method over snail mail these days). It seems like your battery is always drained when you need it most, and that's a problem in need of immediate fixing. Grab this ChargeHubGO+ All-in-One Power Bank to ensure your phone is always as lively as you are (except on weekends, we don't want you to personify your phone when you're dragging tail).

If your phone is still dying when you need to be thriving, you're going to want to snap up this power bank ASAP. For starters, this bad boy is as tiny as they come. Weighing in at just a pound and measuring about 7 inches long, so it takes up just as much space as your cellphone and serves an equal amount of purpose. It uses SmartSpeed Technology and 15W of total power to get you a zippy amount of juice in imperative situations.

Beyond that, the charging port is wireless, which means you'll never have to futz with that USB cable ever again (which also means it can stay in your bedroom plugged into the wall where it belongs, no more shifting your cord from place to place).

But, if you decide you need to plug in instead of just using the wireless l 5000 mAh battery charging pad, like if you need an in-pocket charge, the power bank also has two built-in charging cables that are compatible with Micro, Lightning, and Type-C devices.

Take a shot at what Mashable, CNET, and MSN are raving about. Get the ChargeHubGO+ All-in-One Power Bank, which includes a micro cable and user manual, for $29.99 (Reg. $39.99) with code LIMITLESS25.

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