The endless wave of corporate art

Art is supposed to be a unique expression of an idea or an emotion. Barring the puzzling trends in NFTs, stick-figure sketches generally don't fetch exorbitant sums of money because of how little skill is required to make them.

Or rather, that used to be the case before the continuous influx of corporate art began to clutter our screens. You know what I'm talking about; that slick, rounded art style proffered by corporations to lend their products a friendly appearance. You might not have even noticed the art style until I mentioned it. The innocuous nature of art helps it camouflage like a polar bear in the arctic. The design is ubiquitous that companies that shun the art style immediately get brownie points in my book.

In an enlightening video, YouTuber Solar Sands gives a brief rundown as to why corporations find the art style so appealing. In addition, Solar Sands also shows some of the most cringe-inducing examples of the artwork and the swift and vociferous backlash they earned.