Check out where some of the most iconic electronic songs got their sample from

Most genres of music wear their influences on their sleeve. Electronic music goes a step further and repurposes the wardrobe of its influences into a three-piece suit with a matching top hat. Although many instrument devotees decry the genre as soulless, electronic musicians and, by extension, their fans are avid consumers of "old school jams." One only has to listen to any song from the electronic family tree to hear copious samples from the popular music of yesteryear.

In most cases, fans of electronic music want to trace the genealogy of their favorite tracks and become as knowledgable as creators themselves. Unfortunately, some samples are either too obscure or too subtle for inquiring audiences to discern their origin. Thankfully, YouTube is full of music nerds ready to share their information.

The video linked above gives side-by-side comparisons of iconic electronic songs and their sample of origin. If you've ever been curious about where your favorite electronic songs scored their groove from, give the link above a click.