Man conquers noisy neighbors with "magic"

Before moving to the city, I dreamed about living in New York. I envisioned all five of the city's boroughs as an oasis of artistic and cultured minds that would intersperse literary references with their specifically northern slang. "Dead ass, b, Palahniuk is just a modern-day Hunter S. Thompson. You don't think Lullaby is overrated? Fuhgeddaboudit."

In my mind, New York was a brilliant combination of Seinfeld episodes and Jay-Z songs littered with an eclectic array of people that reflected my imagined medley of culture. But after a few years of waking up next to boisterous Brooklyn block parties that stretched for 14 days at a time, my illusions of New York evaporated in tandem with my circadian rhythm.

We've all had noisy neighbors, and it sucks how little recourse there is when dealing with them. Trust me, I know. Asking them to stop only builds resentment and furthers the issue. Blaring your own music to combat their noise only doubles the problem on your end. And, if you petition the police to intervene, the neighbors will comply as long as the cops are in view and become deliberately more intolerable once they leave. There has to be a better way.

Well, if you happen to possess an arcane form of sorcery known as hacking, you might have a solution. Now, I am not advocating hacking your noisy neighbor's speakers in the slightest. I'm merely suggesting that you spend some time learning how to perform magic—as it is a perfectly legal alternative.

In the video above, a crafty magician uses his powers to silence his noisy neighbors. If you're curious about the spell, you can check his channel to learn the specific incantation. Happy casting, my sleep-deprived friends.