VHS horror board game Atmosfear gets a new anniversary re-release

Atmosfear (also called Nightmare) was my favorite game as a little kid. It came in a coffin-shaped box, and let you play as characters like a werewolf, or zombie, or a vampire, as you faced your darkest fears in hopes of escaping The Other Side. But the coolest part of the game is that it came with an "interactive" video tape, which absolutely blew my 6-year-old mind. You had one hour to escape from the mystical graveyard, and as the clock ticked forward, the dreaded Gatekeeper would randomly interrupt, insulting the "maggot" players and either punishing, or rewarding, whoever's turn it was when he showed up.

Obviously the video didn't change from game-to-game, but it was still a neat concept. But I played this game all the time, and it still scared the shit out of me.

The game spawned a sequel called Harbingers, as well as a few other spinoffs. But now the creators are bringing it back for a 30th-anniversary edition via Kickstarter, complete with a graphic novel filling in the backstory of the creepy-ass Gatekeeper who ruled the Other Side:

Created circa 1991, ATMOSFEAR™ is the original interactive video board game where three to six very brave (AKA foolish) players take on a video ghoul host – The Gatekeeper – in a game of skill, chance, shocks and laughs.  During the game, as you make your way around the board collecting keys, THE GATEKEEPER makes random appearances to bully, insult, reward or punish you; why?  Because he can, this is his game, and these are his rules.

Turn the volume up, the lights down and press PLAY for a session of FAST FRIGHTENING FUN as ATMOSFEAR™ brings a thrilling dimension to home entertainment. It was, in fact, the first gen interactive board game using a television.

To beat THE GATEKEEPER, you must collect 6 keys while you are taunted by The Gatekeeper, battle with your supposed friends, and take a chance with the Fate, Time and Chance cards, as you hopefully make your way to the centre of the board where you need to avoid facing your worst nightmare; the thing you fear most! As the GK says: "No biggie, maggot!"

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