Gentleman in clown mask plowed a limousine through Vegas airport gates to steal a jet to fly into Area 51 and meet the extraterrestrials

A man wearing a clown mask plowed a limousine through fences and gates at Las Vegas's McCarran International Airport last week with the goal of stealing a jet to fly into Area 51 so he could see the extraterrestrials rumored to be held at the secretive military base.

"I have a f***ing bomb. I'm going to blow this place up," he allegedly told Atlantic Aviation employees after stopping near a parked jet.

From CNN:

When police arrived, they were able to stop the vehicle and immediately detain the man, who told them he was trying to steal a jet and fly to Area 51 to see aliens and that he had a gasoline device and shotgun in his car, the police report noted.

A search of the suspect's car revealed there was a device similar to an oxygen tank and what appeared to be a fire extinguisher with heavy-gauge wiring wrapped around it and a wooden platform, which looked similar to a possible explosive device, the report said.

image: clayton harrison/