It is possible to overcome anxiety around death

There's an old spiritual phrase, "what you resist persists." A succinct maxim that speaks to how avoiding something only intensifies its presence in one's life. Trying not to think about that debt you owe? Get ready to wake up at 4 am until you confront it. Across varying cultures and economic brackets, no thought gets avoided more often than human mortality. 

When attempting to dismantle a fear, psychologists may suggest a practice known as immersion therapy. Or to use another succinct maxim, "face your fears." In the case of death, immersion therapy proves to be a tad trickier in execution than other phobias. In his Vice YouTube series Spiraling, Zeke Spector does the unthinkable and actually runs towards – a very controlled- near-death experience.

 In the video linked above, Zeke chats with experts aplenty about how to live comfortably with the idea of dying. Given that we're all still embroiled in a global battle against Covid-19, the topic seems more relevant than ever.