6 additional women at Tesla's Fremont facility sue for sexual harassment

With one woman claiming to fear even speaking with Tesla's HR and another pointing out that the abuse worsened with CEO Elon "Pedo Guy" Musk's misogynist tweets, the sexual harassment lawsuits are unsurprisingly piling up.

The Verge:

The six women claim that their male coworkers frequently make lewd comments towards their bodies or clothes, as well as engage in abusive behavior like catcalling and inappropriate touching. Some women even went so far as to wear baggy clothing to conceal their bodies — one woman, Jessica Brooks, says she tied a flannel shirt around her waist to hide her backside in an attempt to escape harassment. She even barricaded herself in her workplace with boxes.

Brooks told The Post that she let human resources know about the issue but says she was only moved to a different work area. Other women who called attention to the behavior claim that they faced the same response that Brooks got; they allege the behavior wasn't addressed, and they were simply moved to another location in the factory. The Post also notes that some women didn't feel confident speaking to HR about the issue, as they claim that their managers also partook in the abusive behavior.

Another woman, Eden Mederos, told The Post that "everything got worse" once the Model Y was announced, and Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted "S3XY," an acronym referencing the Model S, 3, X, and Y. Musk is also frequently observed tweeting out jokes mentioning "69" or "420" and other childish content, which Mederos told The Post "caused the technicians to be even worse."


In shocking news, an electric automaker with a CEO known for misogyny is sued for sexual harassment