An entire bridge went missing overnight in Akron, Ohio

An entire bridge was recently stolen in Akron, Ohio, and nobody knows whodunnit.

The 10-foot-wide, 6-feet tall, 58-foot long bridge, which was originally set in a park, was moved in the 2000s to a nearby field while the park underwent a long-term restoration project. And then, overnight, it disappeared.

And perhaps unknown to the thieves, the bridge parts, made of a polymer material, are worthless.

From News5 Cleveland:

Although it is certainly not the grand heist that's reminiscent of Ocean's Eleven, the bridge certainly had value, police said. The city's engineering department estimated the value to the city is $40,000, although the polymer-based material that the bridge was made out of makes it largely worthless to a scrapper or recycler.

"It may not have been as complicated as we first thought. Essentially the bridge is made of some sort of polymer. It's connected by some bolts. If you have any equipment, sockets, and things of that nature, it wouldn't have been very difficult at all to begin the process of disassembling that," Lt. Miller said. "It's described as a big Lego-like device." …

Police are hoping that someone, somewhere has some information that could help lead detectives to the culprit.