Man in China lifted ex-girlfriend's eyelids while she slept to unlock her phone and steal

A man in China visited his sick ex-girlfriend, made her food, and then stole $24,000 by lifting her eyelids while she was sleeping to get into her digital wallet. His is now in prison with a sentence of 3.6 years.

The 28-year-old gentleman had already "borrowed" money from her while they were dating, and told her he was coming over to pay her back. Instead, the woman woke up to find that her mobile bank account had been drained.

From Vice:

Huang put her finger on her smartphone to unlock the device, and then lifted her eyelids to pass the facial recognition check on payment app Alipay. 

Then he transferred money from her savings account and credit services to his own account, took away her phone and a coat, and used the fund on living expenses and covering his gambling debts. 

Dong woke up the next morning, and saw the transfer records on her other phone. She made a report to police after failing to reach her ex-boyfriend. Huang, who fled to another city, was arrested in April this year, the report said.

The case went viral on Chinese internet over the weekend, and prompted discussion on the security lags of facial recognition checks.